Sunken City

Session 1: Slither's End

What are those things in the water?

Our group of twelve hearty souls from modest backgrounds in the Great City ventured south to the Sending Stone to seek fame and glory. On this occasion, the Stone’s demon sent our adventurers to the little hamlet of Slither’s End, deep within the Sunken City swamp.

While meeting some of the local townsfolk and having a tour of the village, the party learned of the mysterious disappearance from the village of second-born children, as well as the recent odd behaviour of the local gravedigger, Jonas Gralk. Jonas was seen a few nights before dragging his mother, Clothilda, the local herbalist, north out of town. Several villagers made passing reference to someone or something named “Ssalissak,” but would not elaborate further.

After enjoying some of the activities of the local harvest fair, our heroes were just beginning to enjoy the local harvest fair when a strange group of masked marauders attacked a nearby farmstead. Running to the rescue, the party were confronted with the mysterious Mist Men, and managed to drive them off with no casualties (the Mist Men were strangely merciful and only used sleeping darts… this time.) They were duly hailed as heroes upon thier arrival back at the village.

Tollybogs, the giant halfling proprietor of the local inn, the Asp and Tattles, offered the heroes indefinite free room and board, and they were recruited by the village council to look into the strange disappearances. In thanks for their actions against the Mist Men, the village has given the adventurers some gear and six fine hogs. After refreshing themselves and purshasing some better equipment, the party investigatedd Clothilda’s house, where they found an interesting lack of apothecary apparatus, as well as three beds, only two of which appeared to have seen recent use. Upon investigating the graveyard, they found and old, open grave containing the remains of an ancient wooden box; and an owl’s feather of enormous size. The party were told of May and Rose, a pair of spinster sisters living in a dilapidated watchtower north of the village, and decide to head that way to investigate further.

May and Rose informed the party that a band of river pirates, led by a rogue named Woart Redhelm, have taken residence in a tumbledown citadel a league or so upriver. They conferred with the river trader Eraskus, who offered a reward for the party defeating the bandits blocking traffic on the river. The adventurers decide to sneak around to the main gate of the keep while Eraskus takes his boat to the rope the bandits have put across the river, to distract them while the PCs enter and assault the bandits. Earnest, a hunter, showed kindness to the obviously mistreated fez-wearing guard bear at the gate, who then followed the party inside. While the bandits were distracted, our heroes attacked with bows and slings from behind, while the bear charged forward to lay waste to the hapless bandits.

In the aftermath of the fight, the PCs recovered a small chest of silver and a platinum makeup case, and Eraskus rewarded them with longbows and a barrel of arrows. Three captives, Thomas the engineer and circus performers Salan and Aldo were freed from the bandits’ dungeon. The heroes discussed setting up a base of operations at the old keep.



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